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The   Red   Flag   Racing   Central's   MIDI   section

Welcome to my MIDI songs section! These are a few of the most well known songs from movies and T.V. I hope you enjoy this page. If you think I should add a song onto my page just Email me or sign my guestbook. Remember feedback helps me to create a page everyone enjoys! Thank You.

My Favorite Movie Songs

Back to The Future Theme
One of the best 80's movies ever.
Batman Theme
A very good movie based on a super hero.
Beverly Hills Cop Theme
Another good song.
Blues Brother's Theme
One of my favorite movies.
Forrest Gump Theme
Who doesn't like Tom Hanks.
Get Shorty!
Another favorite movie of mine.
Ghost Buster's Theme
It ain't the X-Files.
Indiana Jones Theme
I hate snakes!
Mission Impossible
A very good song.
Mortal Kombat
Nice action flick.
Naked Gun
An original movie.
Phenomenon Song
Change The World from the movie Phenomenon.
Pulp Fiction
Nice music.
Rain Man
Another Tom Cruise movie.
Who can forget the Rocky movies.

More Links to MIDI Songs

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Yes did I mention theres more songs. Oh yes don't forget the T.V. songs I told you about.
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