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The   Red   Flag   Central's   MIDI   songs

Here are the T.V. songs I have been promising you about. These songs are from some very popular T.V. shows from the more recent years and from earlier T.V. shows. I hope you enjoy these songs and as always if you think there should be a song added just Email me or sign my guestbook. Thanks Again!

My Favorite T.V. Show Songs

Airwolf theme
A helicopter what more could you want?
The Benny Hill Show
A very well done British comedy.
Cheers theme song
Where everybody knows your name.
The Late Show With David Letterman
The best late show comedian.
ER theme song
a very popular show.
Final Jepordy
Got a question let me at it!
Frasier theme song
One of my favorite shows.
Friends theme song
Friends everybody needs friends.
Hithcock theme
Who could forget this one?
Jonny Carson theme
The old king of late nite.
Knight Rider theme song
A talking car how ironic.
NBC theme song
What else is there on TV?
Red Dwarf theme song
Another good British comedy.
Rush Limbaugh Radio Show
You thought I was only going to put TV show songs on didn't you.
Seinfeld theme song
Last but not least.

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