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The   Red   Flag   Racing's   Tribute   to   Cartman   on   South   Park

Welcome to my attempt to bring a little of South Park to everyone. This page contains only Cartman sound pics and no others. I might build other pages for other characters so bear with me. Anyway Cartman is my favorite character on South Park and I chose to set up this page sowly based on him, sorry. I hope you like the sounds if not go check out another site their are many to choose from. If you feel that their should be more sounds on here that I didn't put on this page just contact me. If you get a chance go and visit my other pages which depict some other favorite things I enjoy. Sign my guestbook if you get a chance also or Email me. Enjoy!

My Cartman Tribute Sounds

South Park Theme: The original theme.
Beefcake I: Hungry anyone?
Beefcake 2: Still Hungry?
Hungry: Ain't it over yet?
Appetizer: A little relief.
Cheesypoofs: I'll have some.
Dolphins: That sounds good.
Poptart: More food.
Authority: It's the law.
Speed Limit: But officer.
Bigboned: Who's fat?
Cartman: The one and only.
Flashback: Not again.
Babies: No more please.
Hippie: Cool man.
That's It: I can't take much more of this.
China: I knew that!
Birthday: So it seems.
Scary: Mexican starring frog.
In Frame: If I was only that cool.
Homodog: Self explanitory.
Sparky: Same as above.
Your dad is an alchoholic?: That sounds pretty good about now.
Fart Fire: Another self explanitory one.
Not Cool: That is it.
WeeWee: WeeWee all the way home.
School: I don't whant to go back.
Touch Me: No not me.
Revenge: Ain't that sweet?
I'm not fat: No really.
Kyle's mom's a B@#&H: In D minor
Working hard: This work is Very Very hard.
Oh Holy Nite: It ain't Christmas yet.
Pot Pie: No kitty!
No more pie: I'm going to explode.
Ants in The Pants: Get them out!

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